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Stand: 571
Muehldorfstr. 15

T: + 49 89 412912345

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Air traffic management constantly needs to keep pace without making compromises. Safety and security are non-negotiable, and operations must also remain efficient and flexible. Rohde & Schwarz is a trusted partner for secure air traffic communications from the radio to the antenna. The company features a unique portfolio from ATC working positions to antennas is backed by extensive expertise in providing turnkey solutions and market standards. Rohde & Schwarz ATC radio systems for cockpit-tower communications contribute to air traffic safety at more than 200 airports and flight operations centers all over the world. The Rohde & Schwarz CERTIUM® program provides ATC infrastructure operators with all the equipment they need for their communications networks, including radios, direction finders, voice communications systems, network components and software.


  • Voice communication system
  • Software defined radio
  • Network security
  • Counter UAS
  • GBAS


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