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HIS Hermieu International Supply
Stand: 880B
Zone Industrielle de Chicago, 1 Rue de l'Arsenal

T: + 33 0 329841796

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Company profile

HIS Hermieu International Supply is a French company manufacturer of flightstrip paper, flightstrip Roll or flightstrip fan-fold finishing, in all sizes, flight progress thermal strip printer for ATC and flight strip Holder. Based In Verdun- France, HIS has been offering ticketing solution for more than 20 years. We cooperate with the biggest printing engineers, work with specific software editors and integrate robotic solutions. Given the long list of users all over the world, including Civil and Military Aviations organizations ATC and ATM, an important part worldwide community already appreciates our products & services.

Product Categories

  • Meteorological Equipment
  • Training Equipment
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers



products to be displayed

1. Flight strip thermal paper roll or Fanfold
FlightStrips is a Thermal Paper used by air traffic controllers ATC /ATM to print information regarding aircraft in flight HIS Hermieu International Supply offers : High quality of sensitive top coat thermal paper Dust free and very good resistance against external influences Width and length following your request Various choice of thickness and weight available Without or with black mark printing Coloured paper thermal topcoat side Image durability min. 10 years For Thermal printer up to 300 dpi High smoothness to protect thermal printer’s head ISO – PEFC Certification FSC Certification, the mark of responsible forestry
Thermal Direct Flight Strip Printer
By presenting the Pegasus 301R/L we offer you a printer especially developed for flight strips applications in ATC and ATM department. Using this printer you can create flight strips from fanfold or roll paper. The Features: ◦Small and light thermal direct printer ◦Display screen friendly – easy setup ◦Mains connection with auto-switch ◦USB interface ◦Semi-automatic paper feed ◦Strip-Paper holder included for both finishing, paper fanfold or roll ◦Support of two-coloured printing Advantages: ◦Fast delivery worldwide ◦Product warranty 5 years minimum, parts & after sale service ◦Competitive price for a high quality ◦Fast after sale service ◦Technical assistance & problems solved within 30 days
Flight Progress Strip Holders
StripHolder is designed and manufactured following ATC and Air Traffic Controllers’ requirements. It strictly meets all specifications and has been certified by biggest Air Radar Integrators. HIS Hermieu International Supply selects high quality of plastic material able to supply comfortable use and long life. Our strip-holders are adapted to work correctly with flight strip paper in both systems: Roll and Fan-fold. We are manufacturer of several sizes, standard and spring loaded available in more than 10 different colours with competitive price. Any new coloured could be manufactured upon customer’s request.
Strips holder Rack - bay
The flight strip holders are placed in a strip board called Strip-Holder rack, panel or bays. The strip board has vertical rails in Stainless steel that constrain the strips in several stacks. HIS Hermieu International Supply is able to supply you with high quality of white metal racks to handle 10 or 20 strip holders in each one. This panel can be fixed on desktop or on wall


  • Thermal Flight Strip paper Fanfold
  • Flight Progress Strip paper Roll
  • Thermal Direct Strip Printer For ATC
  • Flight Progress Strip Holder
  • Flight Strip Holder Rack - Bay - Panel


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