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MicroStep-MIS operates worldwide and specializes in the development and manufacturing of customized monitoring and information systems, processing of acquired data, research, and numerical modeling. Our activities cover the complete process of software and hardware development and total system integration. The key field activities cover meteorology and climatology, aviation systems, road weather information systems, hydrology and flood forecasting, marine monitoring systems, radiation monitoring systems, calibration laboratory, seismology, air quality and emission monitoring, crisis management and early warning systems, as well as turnkey projects. Since 1993 we have established ourselves as an accepted and respected player, having installed more than 4000 professional automated and manned meteorological stations, more than 370 aviation weather systems, as well as data collection systems, climatological database systems, numerical weather modeling and forecasting, in more than 80 countries worldwide. MicroStep-MIS´ products and comprehensive services fully comply with the technical and quality standards (ISO, ICAO, WMO, EUROCAE).

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IMS4 AWDSS | Aviation Weather Decision Support System
In order to provide the air traffic controllers and meteorologists with accurate operational information the IMS4 AWDSS processes the real-time data from various sources: local AWOS, ARWIS, and LLWAS systems, weather radars, surface observations from the WMO/ICAO exchange networks, meteorological satellites, profilers, etc. The collaborative, net-centric, and combined picture incorporating seamlessly all aviation relevant weather sources will enable various users at the airport to have access to all relevant information common situational awareness needed for tactical decision support during the flight phases: Takeoff Departure Metering/descent Final approach Landing Having employed state-of-the-art algorithms and models, the system evaluates the general situation, area, airport-specific, stakeholder-specific, and runway-oriented alerts, using the color status signalization to visualize the hazards, if any, and displays stakeholder-specific actions (advisories) related to the particular weather hazard.
IMS4 LLWAS | Low Level Windshear Alert System
Low level windshear poses a significant thread to airport operations. The danger of a sudden loss of altitude during landing and take-off can cause a serious accident. Answering customers' needs, MicroStep-MIS presents a multi-technological solution decreasing the riskiness of the crucial flight phases. The low level windshears with a gain or a loss and microbursts have become a highly considered threat for CAT III international airport hubs as well as non-CAT local airfields. All of these factors are targeted by the automatic, durable, and reliable MicroStep-MIS Low Level Windshear Alert System. The system offers several benefits: Turnkey solution; Combination of technologies; Integration; Long-term development.
IMS4 Remote Observer
IMS4 Remote Observer significantly enhances the current scope of automated weather observation. AUTOMETAR currently contains some weather elements reported in simplified form or omitted completely. IMS4 Remote Observer also supports human MET Observer in observation of some weather parameters suffering from observer’s subjectivity and thus enhances the quality of weather observation in general. It enables also to compose standard METAR messages remotely (e.g. from a central office or home office). Large distances, challenging topography, the need for efficiency of airport operations, quality requirements - all these factors put pressure on the airport Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) performance at the small or medium-sized airports. The level of automatization offered by the current state-of-the-art AWOS systems is not sufficient to address the observations of the weather phenomena, cloud coverage, and prevailing visibility.
IMS4 ARWIS | Airport Runway Weather Information System
IMS4 ARWIS provides the airport authorities with the essential runway surface condition data. Using the real-time collected measurements from the field sensors as well as forecasts from the integrated model the system detects and predicts the runway surface conditions to support decision making on runway treatment and to report runway conditions in a standardized way. The detected and/or manually observed runway conditions are translated using Runway Condition Assessment Matric (RCAM) into Runway Condition Code (RWYCC ranging from 0 to 6) and disseminated in the form of the Runway Code Report, thus ensuring compliance of the system with the ICAO Annex 14 and ICAO Doc 9981 (GRF implementation) in effect from November 05, 2020 (due to COVID-19 postponed to 2021).
IMS4 AWOS | Automated Weather Observation System
IMS4 Automated Weather Observation System is an airport weather observation system for regional, national and international airports. The IMS4 AWOS measures, processes, stores, presents and communicates all meteorological data at the airport: measurements produced by a variety of meteorological sensors, manual observations, and WMO codes received from GTS and AFTN. It provides the weather data to observers, air traffic control, pilots, and other users in form of real-time screens, graphs, WMO codes, alarms, and voice reports. It interfaces upper air systems, low level windshear alert systems, and radars. All data can be processed and analyzed thanks to our IMS4 Weather Studio.
MSB780X TS | Portable Transfer Standard Barometer
MSB780X TS is a high-precision barometer suitable for usage in the field. It is ideal for on-site comparisons of pressure readings. With an optional probe, it is also possible to measure temperature and relative humidity. Portability and reliability MSB780X TS is equipped with one, two, or three extremely reliable and stable pressure transducers. A rugged waterproof transport case protects the device well in harsh conditions. It is easy to carry the instrument with a practical shoulder strap. Ease of use To get an accurate pressure reading it is enough to turn on the switch and wait a few seconds until the reading appears on the display. Within one click, it is possible to display a time chart of recent trends of pressure or other values. Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe It is possible to order the MSB780X TS with a connector for the external probe to measure temperature and relative humidity.
MSB780X Digital Barometer
Digital Barometer MSB780 developed and manufactured by MicroStep-MIS, is designed for use in professional meteorological and aviation applications that require reliable and highly accurate measurement, fast dynamic response, and advanced long-term stability. MSB780 is built to withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions, which are often faced in various environmental monitoring applications. This digital barometer is a low power consumption microprocessor-controlled sensor suitable also for solar and battery-powered applications. Our digital barometer sensor is operable in the temperature range from -50 °C to +80 °C. The excitation range is from 5 to 35 V DC. MSB780 is a robust product made of durable hardware components enclosed in heavy-duty metal IP 66 enclosure. This digital barometer comes factory calibrated with a manufacturer calibration certificate. The version named MSB780 comes with one transducer, while the X version of the digital barometer is extendible up to three transducers and an embedded display.
MD14 | Universal Meteorological Display
MD14 is a universal display for professional meteorology use designed for airports and industry. The MD14 can be used also at meteorological stations as a lightweight replacement of the observer’s screen or redundant backup to it. The universal LCD display MD14 presents real-time meteorological data as well as data calculated according to WMO and ICAO standards and recommendations. MD14 supports the configuration of up to 5 information tabs – typically used for 4 runways and a meteorological garden. MD14 comes preconfigured to one of the standard configurations. Additional configurations can be ordered and the actual configuration is then user selectable.


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