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CS Soft a.s.
Stand: 460
Aviatická 1048/12
Prague 6
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

T: + +420 602118996

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Company profile

CS SOFT is a traditional, state-of-the-art provider of Air Traffic Management and General Aviation Solutions. We specialize in designing, implementing and maintaining systems for air traffic control - area control centers (ACC), approach services (APP), tower services (TWR), flight information services (FIS) and 2D and 3D Simulators. Our products have been developed in cooperation with controllers, airports, training centers, handling agencies and emergency service units.

Case Studies

products to be displayed

Each part of ground handling staff needs precise and up to the minute information about aircraft position and status. RadarView provides the best precise information, sophisticated prediction, and data visualisation. It synthesizes data of all available sources and displays real time aircraft position information. RadarView may be easily implemented in your current working environment. RadarView is prepared to be used by any number of end user terminals with minimal hardware and software requirements. The product provides source data for tracking events and future evaluation. This may be used for analysis, training, billing, or solving possible disputes.
TCM - Traffic Complexity Management
TCM has been developed for LOCAL FLOW MANAGER as the main tool helping ATCO load forecasting and gets the system ready for the more efficient provision of Air Traffic Services. TCM can be fed with either NM or local FDPS data and based on Flight Plan data and capacity figure processing computes ATCO load forecast in individual logical sectors respecting current sectorization and identifies traffic demands limits.
3D Simulator
3D simulator is an accurate copy of ATCO's workplace providing authentic work situations. It allows variable use for ACC (including multisector), APP or TWR including ground movements. Simulations include flight plans, aircraft technical parameters, and meteorological data. The simulator also keeps records of the exercises, makes evaluations and allows replay. ATC Simulator provides information of both static character (AIP, maps, ICAO doc., RTF bank, locations, etc.) and dynamic character (weather, NOTAMs, meteorological news, restricted airspace, etc.). Simulator solution can be installed on different HW using different SW configurations according to user’s needs. ATC simulator also supports the following advanced training features: SYSCO, Datalink (CPDLC), MONA, ground movement control, equipped with interface to VCS. ATC Simulator ACC/APP/TWR was installed in 2014, extended 2015 and upgraded 2016 for Czech Air Navigation Institute (Air Navigation Services), Czech Republic, Prague. 3D visualization solution is provided in cooperation with NITA company through integration with visualization software module.
ATC Simulator
CS SOFT simulators follow the concept of Hi-Fi (high fidelity). They accurately copy ATCO’s workplace (user interface, environment, communication with pseudopilots). An actual traffic and aircrafts flow are simulated with a great precision, as well as with the feasibility of dynamic correction of traffic density, meteorological data, pseudopilots intervening, etc. The system offers record and replay tools.
ALS Tracker
Multitracker system handles all kinds of surveillance data sources (even modern ones such as multilateration and ADS-B/C). Deploys advanced tracking procedures and creates consolidated, real-time air situation picture. Due to its efficiency, interoperability, and minimal HW requirements, it can be applied in systems requiring maximum performance and quick response.
ALS CWS provides controllers with clearly structured display of the air traffic situation integrating the surveillance data and the flight data. The position data are received from the tracker and displayed in the main and the secondary radar window, together with other aircraft information on a background of colour maps of Area of Interest (AoI). The flight plans are received from Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) and displayed as fully customizable electronic strips. ALS CWS automatically matches the flight plans to the tracks.
ALS ATC System
ALS features a unique concept of parametrization which makes this solution easily adaptable to your specific operational needs. Our team of ATC experts is ready to tailor the system according to your local situation and habits and with the aim to maximize comfort for your ATCOs.


  • air traffic management
  • air traffic control centers (ACC)
  • approach (APP)
  • tower (TWR)
  • simulators


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