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Insero Air Traffic Solutions
Stand: 446
Chr.M.Oestergaardsvej 4a

T: + 45 79 253300

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Company profile

Insero Air Traffic Solutions offer solutions, that support the air traffic controller to predict, plan and act in a safe, efficient and fully integrated setup. Solutions: Integrated Air Traffic Tower and Airport Solutions for local and remote operation Integrations and Gateways - Onsite- & Remote Site data management Data management and processing for Traffic Analyzing More than 30 years of experience in agile system integration within the aeronautical domain.   We have successfully created seamless integration between Insero & multivendor systems including RCMS, AWOS and Gateway solutions for both ANSPs, Airports and military customers.

Product Categories

  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Software
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers



products to be displayed

The Insero Gateway Product suite
The Insero Gateway Product suite Challenge: To benefit from the more and more complex dataset environment and explore new opportunities for operational excellence. What is it? Customizable software platform for data collection, data processing and data distribution. The platform has a variety of use cases within the domain. Problem-solving: To allow collecting and processing data from the different vendor solutions at an airport more efficiently and cost efficiently. To allow remote tower implementation at the remote airfield and the remote tower center, while still utilizing the existing airfield equipment data in a structured way To allow dataset collecting and processing for Unmanned Traffic Management purposes To allow the different ANSPs to exchange data without interfering with each other’s systems Value: Increasing operational awareness in a cost-efficient way, that allows for future expansion. Gaining added operation insight and decision-making support, cross different dataset providers


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