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Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
Stand: 433
Obere Leimbach 9

T: + 49 271 238720

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Air Traffic Control requires permanent concentration. Therefore KVM technology from G&D offers solutions that allow operators and computers to be separated, moving the noisy, distracting computers into dedicated areas. G&D’s extenders and switches are deployed in various Air Traffic Control Centers around the world. In addition to their efficient video bandwidth, Guntermann & Drunck’s high quality devices offer special security features such as redundancy concepts and preventive monitoring providing the system safety required in ATC. Numerous ANSPs trust in G&D when it comes to freeing up space and improving both working conditions and system availability in ATC environments. Having core competencies such as development, product management, sales and after-sales support in house enables Guntermann & Drunck to be at your side – from planning up to support.

Product Categories

  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers
  • Consoles
  • Displays
  • Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Ground - Ground ATC Data Networks
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Safety Systems/Risk Assessment
  • Training Centers/Courses

Press Releases

products to be displayed

KVM-over-IP meets G&D matrix
The sophisticated G&D KVM portfolio is growing, and bringing an absolute novelty on the market in terms of IP transmission. In addition to the previously introduced extender system based on G&D‘s KVM-over-IP™ technology, the new ControlCenter-IP is now conquering the network world. This centralised KVM matrix allows, in addition to the existing point-to-point connection of IP extender systems, switching of all connected computer and workstation modules and extends the ease of use and flexibility.
High performance in compact form - the new ControlCenter-Compact With ControlCenter-Compact KVM matrix switches, you can operate up to 79 computers over up to 79 simultaneous user modules depending on the variant. The up to 80 available ports can be combined as desired. By using the appropriate computer and console modules, the ControlCenter-Compact can switch various signals e.g. DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB2.0 and many more. Configured with e.g. 16 consoles, you can connect up to 432 computers to the system.
Specially developed with and for the ATC market – when ultra-fast switching is needed for even more safety. Via the KVM switch, ATCOs can operate up to three computers from one workspace (e.g. primary, redundancy and fall-back systems). The high-performance system supports 4K resolution at 60Hz and avoids the short image disturbances usually found at these resolutions when switching. The switcher is especially designed for the demands of ATC - 100 percentage secure round-the-clock operation at top performance.
By removing computers into central equipment rooms, other nuisances vanish from the working environment, too. For the new DP1.2-VisionXG, fibre optics connect the KVM transmitter at the computer to the KVM receiver placed at the workstation. Despite distances of up to 10,000m between computer and workstation, ATCOs operate their systems in a 1:1 connection without any latency. To ensure high video quality, the new DP1.2-VisionXG system transmits video signals transparent meaning pixel by pixel and without any compression. This way, all details remain visible even when it comes to high-resolution 4K images at the full refresh rate of 60 Hz and across the entire transmission distance.
To improve working conditions in control centers and towers and also obtain more space computers can be based in dedicated plant rooms by using the DL-Vision system from Guntermann & Drunck. The computer signals such as high resolution video (full dual-link DVI bandwidth), Keyboard, Mouse, Audio and RS232 are transmitted by fiber optics. Especially for ATC mission critical applications several safety features are included.
With the OperatorPanel switching between computers becomes even smarter: the small panel adds to G&D switches to help keep your desk clean. Only the buttons remain on your desk – thanks to a mounting kit the device can be installed under the desk and is connected via the RS232 interface. Good to know: G&D devices also let you extend RS232 signals for other applications.
For highest system safety ATC requires redundant IT systems. For the unlikely event of a system breakdown a fall back concept allows the controller to continue his work in an immediate and intuitive way. A KVM switch such as the DL-Mux from G&D enables the control staff to easily switch to such a redundant system. The device switches the computer signals, including high resolution video. Safety features like monitoring for mission-critical applications are included.
DP-HR modules
DP-HR components let you integrate graphics cards and monitors with DisplayPort connectors at high resolutions into ControlCenter-Digital and ControlCenter-Compact matrix switch systems. A bandwidth up to 300 Mpixels/s allows resolutions up to 2560x1600 / 60Hz. The transmission takes place via CAT cables or optical fibers (only for ControlCenter-Digital) thus allowing transmission distances of up to 10,000 m. The computer modules DP-HR CPU are available in different expansions and differ based on the number of video channels, the transmission medium, the transparent USB transfer and the possibility of controlling redundant matrix switch clusters.
The ControlCenter-Digital from Guntermann & Drunck is specially designed to optimise IT workflow in ATC – and declutter the workspace in control centers. The modular KVM matrix switch permits multiple users (e.g. controllers and technicians at the same time), to simultaneously access a series of computers. This gives flexibility to staff deployment and improves working conditions.


  • KVM
  • Remote Access
  • Switch
  • Extender
  • Redundancy


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