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Atech Negócios em Tecnologia SA
Stand: 359
Rua do Rocio, 313 - 5º andar
São Paulo

T: + 55 11 31034600

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Products to be displayed

The R-AFIS COSMOS is a system that enables aerodromes from remote locations to provide flight information services (AFIS) for general aviation in a secure and optimized way. AFIS COSMOS can be operated remotely – that is, the operator does not need to be physically present at the location where the service is being provided. The system provides weather information, flight plans and airspace surveillance through an integrated and intuitive graphical display.
Based on SIGMA, a system developed for the DECEA, the Brazilian ANSP, SKYFLOW puts together all air traffic information, from FPL, RPL, flight schedules, and surveillance data to meteorological information, in order to accurately project the demand and provide reliable feedback about possible unbalances of any airspace element. With its Tactical, Pre-tactical and Strategical views, SKYFLOW allows the application of the most advanced traffic management initiatives for each flow management phase.
CYGNUS is a high availability cluster solution aimed to receive, process, store and exchange aeronautical messages. The system is able to process around 750,000 messages per day and up to 65,000 in peak hours, for multiple users, from civil and military aviation, to navigation service providers. The user terminal has a friendly and intuitive interface, which streamlines ATS messages composition, in accordance with ICAO regulations.
LEO is the initial flight plan system (IFPS) in charge of receiving flight plans and associated messages. It validates the ATS messages against ICAO rules, calculates the 4D profiles and distributes the flight plans and the associated messages to all stakeholders at the proper time. Flight plans and associated messages can be filed using mobile apps, Internet webpages, AMHS and AFTN interfaces. Flight plan information is also validated against the operational airspace database periodically in order to guarantee compliance with any dynamic reconfiguration out of the AIRAC cycles. Makron IFPS LEO identifies all AFTN addresses based on the flight plan’s route and accepts extra addresses informed by the originator.
Flight plan submission application via iOS and Android mobile devices, which can connect to the Makron IFPS LEO or other flight plan reception system through a standard market interface. eFPL JANUS eliminates the incidence of errors, ensuring more security on flight planning messages submission (FPL, CHG, DLA and others) and offering more agility to users. If connected to IPFS LEO, it allows the users to follow in real time the approval status of the submitted flight plans.
AURA system offers a weather information database in which airports, pilots and other personnel involved in air transportation services can consult meteorological conditions in a given area, optimizing routes and ensuring safety and predictability to the air traffic flow. AURA complies with the SWIM (System Wide Information Management) model.
PLATAO is an ATC simulator for training and recycling skills and knowledge of air traffic controllers. Operating in either local or remote mode, it enables simulated exercises to be created for a series of complex operational scenarios, thus generating constructive results for air traffic controllers’ operational assessments as well as operational data for airspace validation.
eveloped in partnership with DECEA, with the participation of air traffic controllers, SAGITARIO is a system focused on Air Traffic Control, which provides a set of operational tools to visualize the air traffic conditions and to support decision-making processes. The system delivers an accurate situational awareness of the air situation, and aggregates information from various types of sensors, its flight plans and weather information in order to provide the air traffic controller a widespread visualization of the environment, promoting efficient and agile decision making.



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