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Campbell Scientific
Stand: 945
815 W 1800 N 815 W 1800 N
United States

T: + 1 435 227-9810

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Company profile

Campbell™ Aero Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) and Runway Visual Range (RVR) solutions are designed to accommodate and adapt to a diverse set of needs. Campbell™ Aero AWOS and RVR solutions are proven to be rugged and reliable in the harshest of environments. Our flagship Campbell™ Aero software and AeroX™ Stream hardware provide maximum flexibility to airport managers, air traffic controllers, weather observers, and maintenance personnel to ensure they are in control of their specific AWOS and RVR solutions. Managers can select their preferred sensing technologies and users can customize their display layouts to improve efficiency and reduce near-term, subsequent project costs. Campbell™ Aero AWOS and RVR solutions are International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)- and World Meteorological Organization (WMO)-compliant, and built to sustain a low total cost of ownership over time.

Products to be displayed

AeroX Stream 200
Powered by the same technology used on Mount Everest, the AeroX Stream 200 field-ready system is built from a rugged and modular design. It accommodates a variety of sensors, communications peripherals, and power options for reliability in extreme conditions.
The SkyVUE™PRO LIDAR ceilometer measures cloud height and vertical visibility for meteorological and aviation applications and is ideal for long-term research applications where a high level of detail is required. Its robust construction is ideal for long-term installation, as it requires minimal maintenance and features a unique stratocumulus calibration procedure—allowing the ceilometer to be calibrated in the field.


  • Weather
  • Monitoring
  • Sensors


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