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Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
Stand: 433
Obere Leimbach 9

T: + 49 271 238720

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  • Cyber Security
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  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers



Products to be displayed

G&D: VisionXS-IP – small housing, great performance With its "VisionXS", G&D are launching a new high-end extender product series. Following the motto "small housing, great performance", G&D developed a new compact multi-purpose KVM tool. The main idea: a wide range of functions in the smallest possible housing. The new VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR systems are high-performance KVM extenders with a bandwidth of 10G and video transmission for resolutions up to 4K. Users can expect the best video quality and an even better performance. The new integrated IP-MUX functionality makes it possible to manage up to 20 IP addresses and switch between 20 computer modules – directly via the console module. The new VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR system is compatible with the central ControlCenter-IP appliance. Combined, these units form a powerful matrix for KVM-over-IP.
G&D: ControlCenter-Xperience – Experience KVM like never before Discover G&D’s ControlCenter-Xperience live on site and remotely on your screen. G&D believe you have to sense their passion for developing high quality KVM solutions. The mission: to create a 360 degree KVM experience for you – live at their control room or remotely via live video on your screen. In the ControlCenter-Xperience, you can book your individual tour and your personal live consulting on a real control room application – independent of time and place. Discover G&D’s KVM solutions in a new dimension to understand what they've been passionate about for more than 35 years. Explore how KVM systems from G&D work together perfectly in various applications. Intelligent control options and practical switching concepts make it easy to operate even the most complex scenarios.
The PersonalWorkplace-Controller as a multi-viewing tool lets you display and operate up to 26 video sources on a single monitor. This way, users do not have to use additional screens at a workstation, but can create their own individual workspace with different computer sources and get integrated and flexible access to all the data they need. Displaying multiple computer sources in real time on one large monitor, and thus providing latency-free operation of multiple computers from a single console facilitates work processes immensely. In addition, the high image quality and unlimited flexibility in arranging sources provide great added value. The PersonalWorkplace-Controller makes it possible to display consoles via streams on various devices, such as a laptop or tablet. It is also possible to use the PersonalWorkplace-Controller to display the sources on a large video wall.
Ultra-fast switching for even more security This high-performance KVM switch has been specially designed to meet the requirements of ATC applications - i.e. for 100% secure round-the-clock operation at full performance. It supports 4K resolutions at 60 Hz and avoids the usual short frame interruptions when switching at these resolutions. The KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC lets you operate up to three computers with DisplayPort 1.2 via one console.
DP1.2-VisionXG for completely uncompressed, pixel-perfect and latency- as well as loss-free high-resolution video signals at 60 Hz The DP1.2-VisionXG consists of a computer module and a workstation module and ensures perfect hand-eye coordination. It enables remote operation of a computer in real time without the need for it to be physically available at the workstation.
Due to the enormous flexibility of IP networks, the topic of KVM-over-IP is becoming increasingly relevant in many areas. Especially control room applications benefit greatly from the application of IP. Using existing cabling, switches and routers does not only save costs, but also provides operators and administrators with flexibility and facilitation through central administration. With KVM-over-IP extenders, transmission is based on IP and runs on Ethernet networks (OSI model layer 3). G&D offers you variants to extend DP1.1, DP1.2, DVI and DL-DVI video signals. The KVM-over-IP extenders can be operated in a matrix mode using an additional control unit, the ControlCenter-IP. This allows you to distribute and share signals within the network. In addition, there are many helpful control room features such as monitoring, scenario switching, push-get for optimal collaboration and the integration of video walls, and CrossDisplay-Switching for absolutely intuitive operation of multi-monitor workstations.


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  • KVM over IP
  • dp kvm switch
  • kvm switch hdmi
  • digital KVM Switches


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