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World ATM Congress has partnered with Expodrónica and UMILES this year to host the Expodrónica Pavilion at World ATM Congress 2021 on 26-28 October 2021 in Madrid, Spain. The Civil UAVs Initiative (CUI) Theater, in collaboration with CIRCE & Transnet Project, will offer focused programming on the future of flight and the integration of advanced air mobility (AAM), UAS traffic management (UTM), autonomous and remotely piloted aerial vehicles (AAV / RPAS), novel air traffic management (ATM) systems, and other drone or AAM-related services. Learn more about Expodrónica at World ATM Congress HERE .

Updated 25 October. Check back often for more information!

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

10.00 - 10.10 Sponsor Welcome and Opening
Title:  The New Investment Period
Speaker:  Patricia Argerey, GAIN
10.10 - 12.00 UAS's Big Projects
  Boeing, Indra, & Babcock
Title:  Leading Companies and R&D Public Investment
Speaker (s): TBC

Deployment of Technological Solutions for CUI Projects
MAR-2 deployment / Automation of Oceanographic Sampling Using UAV and USV
Speaker(s):  TBC
TIERRA-1 Deployment / Georeferenced Data Set Manager Obtained by UAV
Title: TIERRA-2 Deployment / Acquisition, Maintenance, and Automation of Topographic Bases and
Cartography by Means of UAV
Speaker(s): TBC
Title: TIERRA-3 Deployment / Monitoring of Land Occupation Dynamics and
Territorial Planning Assistance Through the Use of UAV
Speaker(s): TBC
Title: TIERRA-4 Deployment / Solutions for Forest Management and Control and
Detection and Treatment of Forest Pests Using UAV
Speaker(s): TBC
Title: Cardio-Healthy CAMIÑO Deployment: Cardioprotection Systems Using UAVs
12.00 - 12.30

Preparing Cities to Embrace Drones
Moderator:  Luis Moratinos,  Ferrovial
D. Jorge Azcón,
Alcalde Zaragoza
Dr. Vassilis Agouridas,
UIC2 (UAM Initiative, EU-SmartCities)
Natalia Chueca, Minister of Public Services and Mobility, Zaragoza City Council

12.30 - 13.15

UAM for Cargo and Passengers 

  SMG Consulting 
Speaker: Sergio Cecutta
  Atlantic Singular Aircraft  
Speaker: Luis Carrillo
Speaker: Andreas Perroti
Speaker: Carlos Poveda 
13.15 - 14.45 Contra-UAS Systems: Public Security Response to Drone Threats

Moderator: Antonio Sousa, Sousa Consulting
Insp. Ángel Siles, Spanish National Police
Cpt. David Navarro, Civil Guard
Florentino Villabona, Spanish Football Premier League
Manuel Izquierdo Colmenero,
CETSE - SGSICS - SES, Secretary of State for Security, Ministry of the Interior

14.45 – 15.15  PansaUTM – We are the Drone Revolution
Speaker: Janusz Janiszewski,
16.00 – 16.30

Our Shared Vision for 2045
Moderator: Simon Hocquard, CANSO
Patrick Ky, EASA
CATS Global Council Members

16.30 – 18.00  Integration of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Operations
Moderator: Eduardo García, CANSO

Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, NASA Aeronautics Research Institute
María Algar, EASA
Antoine Martin, DGAC/DSNA
Marizio Trezza, Everis Aerospace and Defense
Jörn Jaeger, Volocopter


Wednesday, 27 October 2021

10.00 – 11.30 The Military Perspective - UAS in Peacetime, Crisis, and Conflict

Moderator: TBC, Spanish Air Force
Christophe Vivier, Head of Single European Sky Unit, European Defence Agency
Michael Callender, Head, Aerospace Capabilities Section (AER), Armament & Aerospace Capabilities Directorate, Defense Investment Division, NATO

Challenges from an Operational Perspective
Maj. Garcia Galan, 
Spanish Air Force

Challenges from an Technical Perspective
O. Nunez, SESAR JU
Christian Schleifer, 
Director General, EUROCAE

Conclusions and Closing Remarks by the European Defence Agency and NATO

11.30 – 12.00

U-Space: The Clock is Ticking...
Moderator: Andrés López Morales, DGAC
Koen De Vos, GUTMA
Munish Khurana, EUROCONTROL

12.00 – 13.00 National Aerospace Strategic Plan Proposal

Isabel del Pozo de Poza, Airbus
Gonzalo Alonso,
Joaquin Rodriguez, CATEC
José Luis García, Cluster Aeronáutico y Aerospacial de Canarias
Patricia Argerey Vilar, GAIN
Miguel Ladrón de Cegama, Hera Drone Hub

13.00 – 13.30 Airport System Protection for Intruding Drones
Speaker: Albert Remiro,
13.30 – 15.00 Regulatory Proposals Regarding Drone Operator Liability and Insurance
Moderator: Dr. Elisa González Ferreiro, AEDAE & UCM GIESA BIOLAW
  Flying Basket
Title: Data on Harmful Events Caused by the Drone Operator
Speaker: Marta Cejuela

  University of Alicante
Title: The Civil Liability of Drone Operators: Compensation Limits
Speaker: Dr. Yolanda Bustos Moreno

  Complutense University of Madrid 
Title: Issues Related to Liability for Infringement of Drone Regulations
Speaker: Dr. Fernando González Botija 
  Rey Juan Carlos University 
Drone Insurance: Risks and Coverage 
Speaker: Dr. Enrique Navarro
16.00 – 16.45

UAS Employment Strategy - ISR at UN
Moderator: Lourdes Yolanda Mesado, ENAIRE
Gregory Pece, Air Transport Service, United Nations 

Speaker: Commander Javier Contreras, 23rd Wing, Air Force

Unmanned Aerial Platforms
Speaker: Jaime Cabezas,

16.45 – 17.15

Implementation of UAS in the Administration
Moderator: Lourdes Yolanda Mesado, ENAIRE
Alfonso Andrade Otero, MITECO
Luis Moreno Santana, SENASA 

17.15 – 17.30

Broadband Connectivity in Air and Maritime Environments
Speaker: David Rol Sanchez, Satlink 

17.30 – 18.00 The Increased Use of Drones Through Telco-based Intelligence
Speaker: Daniel Mazano Fuentes, Vodafone

Thursday, 28 October 2021

10.00 – 10.30 Legislation, Regulations, and Certification

Moderator: Antonio Sousa, Sousa Consulting

Juan José Sola, AESA
Elsa Solera,

10.30 – 11.00

The Commercial Drone Market - Results from a Global Industry Survey
Moderator: Luis Moratinos, Ferrovial
Kay Wackwitz, Droneii

11.00 – 11.30

Speaker:  Fernando Vallejo , Openvía Air by Globalvía

11.30 - 12.00

5G, Edge, Drones: The Technology Revolutionizing Business
Andrés Escribano, Director of New Business, Telefónica Tech
Ángel Alves, Innovation Project Manager, Telefónica Spain


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