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World ATM Congress proudly thanks its 2018-2019 Media Partners:
Lead Media Partner

Aviation Week Network, an Informa business, is the largest multimedia information and services provider for the global aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, serving 1.7 million professionals around the world. Industry professionals rely on Aviation Week Network to help them understand the market, make decisions, predict trends, and connect with people and business opportunities. Customers include the world's leading aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, airlines, airports, business aviation operators, militaries, governments and other organizations that serve this worldwide marketplace. Aviation Week Network’s portfolio delivers award-winning journalism, data, intelligence and analytical resources, world-class tradeshows and conferences, and results-driven marketing services and advertising.

The comprehensive product portfolio includes Aviation Week & Space Technology, AC-U-KWIK, Aircraft Bluebook,, Air Charter Guide, Air Transport World,, Aviation Week Intelligence Network, Business & Commercial Aviation, Inside MRO,, ShowNews, SpeedNews, Fleet and MRO forecasts, Fleet Discovery, global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) tradeshows and aerospace & defense conferences. 

Lead Organizer Media Partners

Airspace is CANSO's flagship magazine, dedicated to the air traffic management (ATM) industry. This quarterly publication covers key ATM issues through featured articles, interviews and comment by the leading thinkers of the industry. Pick up the latest issue for free at World ATM Congress in Madrid, or download a copy from the CANSO website.


The Journal of Air Traffic Control is a quarterly magazine devoted to developments in air traffic control. It contains articles on current issues involving ATC operations, innovative concepts and applications of technology to ATC, public policy debates impacting ATC, commentary by noted aviation experts and policy makers, ATC historical material, and reviews of books and videos of interest to the aviation community. The Journal is designed to be of general interest to all professionals involved in air traffic control and other aviation disciplines, such as ATC specialists, managers, engineers, pilots, researchers, and members of the academic community.
Gold Media Partners

Air Traffic Management is the only dedicated magazine and website which covers the ATM and the related CNS (Communications, Navigation & Surveillance) industry. Our in-depth coverage and unbiased independent analysis makes Air Traffic Management widely regarded as the most influential and respected magazine within the air traffic management industry.

Air Traffic Technology International is respected as the industry's leading review for the comprehensive exchange of the latest ideas and information. It is the established showcase for the latest and most innovative ATC technologies, products, services, simulation and training. 

The ATC Network  website connects ATC/ATM professionals worldwide and provide the latest developments in the industry. From daily updated news, calls for tender, product showcases, upcoming events, publications and 600 Organisations in their Company and Product Database for the ATC Industry worldwide. ATC Network is an easy way to interact with people in your working field, and an effective and efficient method to generate new business contacts.


Future Airport provides a clear overview of the latest industry development shaping airport design and operations. The publication boasts incisive commentary and analysis from the world's most powerful business leaders alongside investigative and provocative articles from leading journalists.
With a legacy of over 100 years Jane’s By IHS Markit is the world’s most trusted source of airport and commercial aviation news information and insight. With a reputation built on products such as Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft, Jane’s Air Traffic Control and Jane's Airport Review  businesses, governments, and organizations trust Jane’s to deliver news, information and insight that enables them to make critical decisions with confidence.

International Airport Review magazine i
s the leading bi-monthly technical journal for the airport industry, and is essential reading for anyone involved in the airport industry. International Airport Review keeps you informed of the latest developments and projects within the aviation sector


Silver Media Partners

Airport Industry Review is an innovative quarterly magazine brings together the latest trends, projects and technologies, as well as insiders' views and analysis of issues affecting the industry today. With content covering the latest terminals, airport architecture, economic effects, safety and dangers, the latest technological developments, global comparisons and much more, it is easy to see why AIR is becoming essential airport industry reading for any key industry decision maker. is the global airport industry's number one meeting place for Operators, Vendors, Airlines, Air Traffic Control, Authorities, Service Providers, Ground Handlers, OEM's, Consultants and System integrators. The portal encompasses all aspects of airport equipment, technology, design and services. The World's Premier Airport B2B Website!

Air Transport News is a key online source of air transport industry information. It presents air transport industry news from all over the world, from all sectors of the industry, in-depth expert analysis, interviews with industry professionals, event announcements, and book presentations.

Air Transport News aims not only at making the air transport industry news more accessible but also at providing decision-makers with reliable and timely analyses to aid their decision-making.

Aviation Technology
by INFONAV DWC-LLC, is a professional meeting place and a reliable source of information for stakeholders, decision makers, official authorities, consultants, suppliers, buyers, and aviation industry professionals; focusing on latest technologies, products, and services in the aviation and airport business. is the premier B2B platform delivering up-to-date news, product details, and press releases to highly professional industry experts.

Avion Revue 
the leading aviation magazine in all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Avion Revueis the magazine with the widest combined distribution of our sector – 75.000 copies, the key magazine in the aeronautical market and is distributed in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Latin-America.

The magazine has reflected every aspect of aviation, from commercial to military aviation, aerospace, history, technology, and executive aviation.  

Avion Revue has an impeccable reputation for in-depth professional reporting and has a rich tradition in aeronautical journalism. The magazine maintains correspondents, photographers and collaborators around the world.

Its contents include: Information on the world of commercial aviation - new models, airlines and airports, new routes and an in-depth examination of a commercial flight every month; military aviation, operations, projects, technology and future acquisitions; the history of aviation; aeronautical education and training, schools and grades; aerospace – both military and civil; the latest news and news of aeronautical sport; and full coverage of the aviation Industry - airlines, manufacturers, products, financial aspects, who's who in the industry with in-depth interviews.

Fly News
is the most relevant magazine and website of aviation and aerospace information in the worldwide global market in Spanish. With a monthly print run of 15.000 copies Fly News is on the desk of CEOs and top executives of the aerospace companies in Spain and Latin America. Our website has more than 33.000 unique users and more than 100.000 view pages monthly. Fly News organizes two yearly events like Women and aeronautics, and meetings with the top executives of each sector.


HISPAVIACION is aviation lived and told in the first person by those who work in this sector every day: professionals and companies. An indispensable reference tool for the aeronautic world where you can find and enjoy professional contents of interest for this sector
Our growth of more than 9% yearly only on the period 2017-2018 confirm our importance inside the specialized media of aviation. Thank you to the more than 95.000 visits/month made mainly from all the countries of Spanish language.

Momberger Airport Information is the independent source of information for airport professionals around the world, published biweekly since 1973. It provides unbiased news free of advertising. The newsletter is published in a modular format that allows subscribers to put together their own newsletter package that matches their professional interest in the airport industry.

Find out more at: 



MRO Business Today is a premier industry fortnightly digital e-News Magazine that is distributed to more than 16,149 high profile MRO professionals worldwide.  Additionally, it also generates worldwide readership through its website (  Our digital magazine finds it way directly to their mail boxes every fortnight with all the relevant and latest news from the MRO Industry.


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