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Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

10.20 – 10.40 Inmarsat

Title: The Role of Satellites in Digital Aviation

Speaker: Joseph Teixeira, Inmarsat Aviation

Abstract: In our era of hyper-connectivity, smart machines and cloud-based applications are creating exponential demand for connectivity and powering the digital economy. Satellites are a critical component of the digital economy, providing pervasive coverage, cyber resilience, and interoperability. They are also the key to unlocking digital aviation and ATM modernisation. Enter the Iris programme, sponsored by ESA and led by Inmarsat – the indisputable leader in global mobile satellite communications. Iris is a secure, satellite datalink that relieves Europe’s congested radio frequencies by injecting complimentary digital technology such as 4D trajectory management and robust cybersecurity protocols to enhance safety, save time, money and fuel.

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10.50 – 11.20 ADB Safegate

Title: Redefining the Role of a Ground Controller - How Technology is Key: The Integrated Controller Working Position 

Speaker: Konrad Koeck, ADB Safegate

Abstract: How airports are moving to full convergence between tower & apron. - How to realize Follow-the-Greens that supports ATC and airside operations alike - The critical role of data fusion

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11.30 – 12.50  NOKIA

Title: Moving Towards a New Communication Strategy

Speakers: Richard van Wijk, Mohamed Saleh, Mervyn Harris, Nokia, & Ingjerd Kvande, Avinor

Abstract: Ambitious strategy and targets set by ICAO under ASBU and global CNS plans have created a string of challenges for ANSPs globally. One such challenge is the support of legacy applications and services whilst required to move towards an IP environment. Avinor, partnering with Nokia, has overcome these legacy application support issues and implemented Nokia’s robust network solutions allowing seamless connectivity and reduced costs. Learn how robust networks and managed services can meet ICAO and ANSP standards and plans that allows seamless connectivity.

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13.00 – 14.30  CANSO/IATA

Title: CANSO and IATA on ATFM: Collaborating for Efficiency

Moderator: Rafael Quezada

CANSO Panelists: Stuart Ratcliff, Metron Aviation, Fredrik Lindblom, SAAB Air Traffic Management, Daniel Vaca, IATA, Javier Vanegas, CANSO

Abstract: Air traffic flow management (ATFM) is an enabler of air traffic management (ATM) efficiency and effectiveness. It contributes to the safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of an ATM system, all this while balancing the air traffic demand with the system capacity. It is also a major enabler of global interoperability of the air transport industry. Collaborative decision making has become an integral part of the ATFM process. CANSO and IATA are teaming to present an overview of best practices of how ANSPs and States can implement ATFM and airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM). This session is designed to explore the practical applications and techniques of ATFM and A-CDM while understanding the value and learning of the benefits to the users and ANSPs. At the end of this session participants will have learned: ATFM implementation and how it works What ATFM tools that are available and in development Global applications Moving Forward – what are the next steps! Participants will receive informative briefings and engage in open discussions with CANSO and IATA subject matter experts as well as review operational scenarios.

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14.45 – 15.15  Helios

Title: How Ready Are You to Prevent and Respond to Cyber-threats?

Speaker: Matt Shreeve, Helios

Abstract: ATM Cybersecurity remains a hot topic, but is the end goal clear? Is the industry making enough progress, quickly enough? Ultimately how ready is each ANSP, and the industry as a whole, to prevent and respond to cyber-threats? This session introduces recent developments by way of sector standards (EUROCAE ED-205 and CEN’s EN 16495) and tools (an ATM cyber-maturity model) that may define the ‘good practice’ that we need. Ultimately ATM services have to be safe, secure and resilient enough and this session brings together the latest thinking on how to define, measure and communicate that.

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15.20 – 15.50 NATS UK

Title: Operation Zenith: A Practical Demonstration of ATM/UTM Integration

Speaker: Jim Cranswick, NATS

Abstract: Held at Manchester Airport in November 2018, Operation Zenith was an ambitious drone demonstration that successfully proved unmanned aircraft can be flown safely alongside manned aircraft in controlled airspace. Overseen by Manchester Airport air traffic controllers, remotely-located drone operators performed a series of eight carefully-planned on-airfield tasks without endangering or disrupting live airport operations in the UK’s first contribution to the European Commission’s U-Space Demonstrator Network. We’ll explore the challenges involved in staging such a complex, collaborative operation without compromising safety, discuss how best to incorporate lessons learned into future UTM procedures and integrated airspace design, and consider the impact of the procedural and technical capabilities showcased in Operation Zenith on the future of commercial BVLOS operations.
16.00 – 17.00 Global Air Traffic Controllers Association

Title: The Alliance: A Global View of Collaboration

Moderator: Jim Ullmann

NATCA Panelists: Paul Winstanley - UK ATCOs/The Alliance (Global Air Traffic Controllers Association), Paul Rinaldi, NATCA, Peter Duffey, CATCA, Thomas McRobert, Civil Air Australia, Kelvin Vercoe, NZALPA, Alfonso Guerrero, USCA International

Abstract: A discussion with ATC Labor Leaders to discuss the recent formation of the Alliance, a coalition of labor organizations from around the world.

17.00 – 18.00 Global Air Traffic Controllers Association

Title: Industry Perspective: The End Users' Role in a Collaborative Environment

Moderator: Peter Duffey, CATCA

Panelists: Vinny Capezzuto, Aireon, Rudy Kellar, NAV CANADA, Kip Spurio, Raytheon, Per Ahl, SAAB, Paul Winstanley, Prospect ATCO’s Branch, Paul Rinaldi, NATCA

Abstract: The panel will discuss the importance of collaboration with the end user (Air Traffic Controller), and how both Industry and ATM can benefit from a collaborative approach to ensure that any technological innovations benefit both industry and the profession.

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019 

Title: Virtual, Remote, and Multi Remote Tower - The Proven FREQUENTIS DFS AEROSENSE Solution

Speaker: Matthias Hieronimus, FREQUENTIS DFS AEROSENSE

Abstract: On 4 December 2018, air traffic controllers from DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung began controlling air traffic at Saarbrücken Airport with Frequentis technology from a site 450 kilometres away to the east in Leipzig. Saarbrücken is now the largest airport in the world, where daily operations are controlled remotely over such a distance. Matthias Hieronimus will reveal what is behind the AEROSENSE remote tower concept, its technical highlights and the history of operations-based validations. Furthermore, he will give an outlook on the next milestones, Multi Remote Tower implementation and how the AEROSENSE technology supports these.

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10.45 – 12.00 HARRIS

Title: Looking Ahead with System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Moderator: Andy Milligan, Harris Corporation

Speakers: Nadine Alameh, OGC, Steve Bradford, FAA, Neil Bowles, Searidge Technologies, Dennis Hart, EUROCONTROL

World ATM Congress has hosted a panel on SWIM and information management for multiple years, but where are we now? Sure progress has been made with operational SWIM systems in three regions and major demonstrations in a fourth, but what’s next? How do we get full value out of SWIM investments and how do we take advantage of what information management has to offer more broadly? Join Harris' Andy Milligan and a panel of experts from around the world who will look at these questions as well as how we can continue to learn from information management in other industries to tackle coming challenges such as continued traffic growth, cyber security and new entrants.
12:10 – 12:40  NOKIA

Title: Pioneering the Next Gen Aircraft Communication

Speaker: Sawanjit Singh, Nokia

Abstract: Airlines and ANSP rely on precise data and services to the cockpit for efficient operations, in addition, Airlines are keen to commercialise services to the cabin. The Nokia LTE Air-To-Ground solution supports real-time and ultra-broadband communications in flight. The aviation industry has long relied on expensive satellite and legacy ground-based systems to support onboard communication services. Learn how this solution has the potential to transform the industry by providing efficient, reliable and cost-effective connectivity to the Aircraft to increase operational efficiency and reduce communication costs.

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12.50 – 13.50 Searidge

Title: Digital Transformation is Happening in the Tower

Moderator: Jenny Beechener, Jane’s Air Traffic Control

Panelists: Kuah Kong Beng, CAAS, Andy Taylor, NATS, Csaba Gergely or Gyula Hangyal, HungaroControl

Abstract: Getting digital technology into the tower is the first step towards building the foundation for advanced applications such as AI and other safety and efficiency tools. Hear from leading ANSPs about their journey to modernize the tower with advanced technologies. Hosted by Searidge Technologies.

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14.00 – 14.50 Airbus UTM and ATCA

Title: Defining Future Skies - The Evolution of ATM and UTM

Speaker: Dr. Isabel Del Pozo de Poza, Airbus UTM, and Peter F. Dumont, ATCA

Abstract: Our skies are increasingly supporting more types of aircraft, flying different types of missions. As such, almost every country around the world will need to update their traffic management infrastructure and deploy new technologies to manage this next age of aviation. In this panel, ANSP & UTM experts will share their insights into how they are approaching the digitization of air traffic control, overcoming industry challenges and provide best practices for how to get started. 

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15.00 – 16.00 Searidge

Title: Ten Years On - From Remote Towers to Digital Airport Transformation

Speakers: Chris Thurow, Searidge Technologies, and Steve Anderson, NATS

Abstract: A look back on the progression of technology and operations at airports and a discussion around future technology trends what digital means today.
16.10 – 16.30 FerroNATS

Title: CNS Services in the Single European Sky Framework: The FerroNATS’ Successful Experience

Speaker: Alejandro Sastre García, FerroNATS

Abstract: CNS services (Communications, Navigation and Surveillance) are crucial for the provision of ATS services. 2018 has been a milestone in the Spanish context in which, for the first time, an outgoing CNS provider has been taken over by another certified CNS provider. Many barriers appeared as the process went over (legal aspects, ATSEP training and competency, etc.) that required all the stakeholders cooperation and the guaranteeing of the Spanish National Supervisory Authority ensuring the safety highest standards.

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16.45 – 18.00 SESAR Joint Undertaking Title: SESAR Exploratory Research Abstract: Through its exploratory research, the SESAR Joint Undertaking looks beyond the current R&D already identified in the European ATM Master Plan. The aim is to investigate new ideas, concepts, and technologies, but also challenge pre-conceived notions about air traffic management and the aviation value chain. This session will provide an overview of the philosophy behind this strand of SESAR R&D, as well as a glimpse of the portfolio of projects and the themes covered by the upcoming exploratory research call. The session will also present the work from the winner and runner-up of the 2018 Young Scientist Award.
16.45   Speaker: Peter Hotham, SESAR JU Introduction to SESAR exploratory research activities
17.15   Speaker: Georg Trausmuth, Engage Network Importance of knowledge transfer
17.30    Speaker: Gianluca Di Flumeri, Sapienza University Rome - winner of the 2018 Young Scientist Award

Electroencephalography-based measurement of controller mental workload 

17.45    Speaker: Goran Pavlovic, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Belgrade University runner up
Airport-pair charging in Europe - impacts of ATM fragmentation
18.00   Speaker: Peter Hotham, SESAR JU



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Thursday, 14 March, 2019

10.00 – 13.00 University of Madrid
Title: RINGO: Research Infrastructures – Needs, Gaps and Overlaps  Abstract: RINGO is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission under H2020. The project is delivering a cohesive and coordinated approach for the identification and assessment of the needs, gaps and overlaps for strategic aviation research infrastructures in Europe. It is also analysing potential sustainable business models and funding schemes for the maintenance and improvement of existing and new research infrastructures towards Flightpath 2050 goals. 
   10:30 Speaker: Paola Lanzi, DeepBlue  RINGO Project: Overall Presentation of the Project
   11:00 Speaker: Lis Weilandt, RWTH Aachen University
Preliminary Results 
   11:30 Speakers: Luis Pérez and Rosa Arnaldo, UPM
ATM Research Infrastructure Needs for 2050 
   12:15 Speakers: Fernando Gómez and Javier Pérez, UPM
Drone Research Infrastructure Needs for 2050


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