Exhibitor Testimonials

Take a look at what our supporting companies who are also exhibitors are saying about World ATM Congress:
“During the show we signed six new European clients who would like to explore new business in the United States. World ATM Congress is the beginning of growth to a new client base and will bring new technology to the FAA. It will also expand our knowledge of European ATM.”
- Steve Kalish, Deep Water Point
"As an exhibitor for the first time at World ATM Congress 2014, we were concerned we would not have enough customer flow, but we were pleasantly surprised - we had numerous foreign ANSPs visit our stand. We had many productive meetings; we will definitely plan to return. How could you not like the weather, the food, and the people?"
- David Colangelo, C Speed 
"From the product vendor's point of view, this was a wonderful triumph. The key is that because this conference is supported by the ANSPs, it's a great meeting place for both the customer and the vendor. I met at least 12 representatives from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in one day - England, Germany, France, Romania, Poland - both big and little guys. This was the perfect venue for our new product release [VCS21]."
- Bob Coulson, Harris Corporation
"We are extremely excited about the opportunity to attend a trade show where the all decision makers of the significant ANSPs will be in attendance. We have never had this opportunity before, and because of that, Boeing is committed to World ATM Congress."
- Neil Planzer, The Boeing Company

"Lockheed Martin is looking forward to participating in the World ATM Congress event. As a long-standing associate member of CANSO we see this as an important mechanism to improve communications between industry and the ANSPs.”
- Sandy Samuel, Lockheed Martin

“I am delighted that Rockwell Collins has recently become a new CANSO Associate Member. One of the reasons why we decided to join was due to the fact that CANSO is able to bring together the decision makers in the industry, both suppliers and ANSPs. We saw an example of this at the ICAO Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium in September and we are looking forward to the opportunities that World ATM Congress will offer in 2014.”
- Bobby Sturgell, Rockwell Collins

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