Exhibition & Conference:
Hall 9 at Feria de Madrid (North Entrance)
IFEMA (Recinto Ferial - IFEMA MADRID)
Feria de Madrid
28042 Madrid

IFEMA MADRID is 10 minutes from Madrid Barajas Airport, 12 minutes from the city center, and accessible by road, rail, and bus.

IFEMA MADRID is located just two metro stops from Madrid’s main international airport. Take Metro Line 8 (pink) to Feria de Madrid station. (Please note: the name of the metro stop for IFEMA was recently changed to Feria de Madrid). This is the new Station located at the south entrance to IFEMA MADRID where you may walk or take the shuttle bus to the North Entrance where World ATM Congress is located.

There was also a recent change in the ticket system for the metro as well: they stopped issuing the previous MetroBus paper ticket, and now issue contact Multi cards.
How does it work?
  • You can buy one in the ticket machines in the Metro Stations, the cost of each card is €2,5, and after buying it you can recharge it as many times as you need and with the types of tickets you need.
  • The card can be used by several people, as it isn´t personal, and you can use it for multiple persons at a time.
  • After first paying for the Multi card, no extra charges will be applied over the ticket prices.
  • In the case you are purchasing the Tourist card, the Multi Card price is already included in the rate.
Planning on using Metro de Madrid during your stay?


Line 112. Mar de Cristal / Alameda de Osuna / Feria de Madrid
Bus Line 122. Avda. América / Campo de las Naciones / Feria de Madrid
Bus Line 828. Universidad Autónoma / Alcobendas / Canillejas / Feria de Madrid 

A2 Exit 7, M40 Exit 5, 6 & 7 and M11 Exit 5 & 7


Taxi Rates
approximate cost
From/To Airport within 9,5 km distance  €20,00 
From/To Airport for distances outside the area of 9,5 km  €20,00 + €1,05/km
From/To the Airport  €30,00 fixed rate

To IFEMA from area near IFEMA 


To IFEMA from Meliã Castilla Hotel


To IFEMA from Madrid Central

Car Park:
Feria de Madrid
€10.00 charge (Full day, prepayment)
€18.00 charge (maximum charge if not prepaid for full day)
Closest Parking lots: Yellow, Brown and Red parking lots

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rental Cars are not allowed to pull up to the main entrances of IFEMA MADRID to drop off/pick up. Only taxis, buses, hired vans with drivers have the ability to do so. Private drivers in rental cars MUST park in the appropriate car park.


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